Compare and contrast.

This is the Dewan Rakyat
With comfy chairs, wide leg space, space on the table for high-end laptops with presumably, internet connection


This is the House of Common of the United Kingdom. Similar to our Dewan Rakyat. Not much leg space, no comfy Ikea office chairs, and no tables to put high-end laptops. Yes, it might be an old picture. And yes, they are still in there doing their stuff.

Part 2 of the update will come when I feel like it. :P


Update Part 1 of 2? I don't know.

Hi evilibodi!

It's been 3 months since my last update. I therefore will try my best to update what I have been up to all these 3 months! I know that some of you have been visiting this site even when there has been no updates, I even know that someone has saved my blog onto their computer. Freaky, I know.

Let's continue from July, shall we. Wait wait wait, lets go back in May


Ready, set, GOOOO!!!!

Beautiful beach, miss it already :)

No need for explanation.

To summarize the trip, here's the video!

Needless to say, had a blast in Bali. Though we were traved alot, we had a great tour guide, and good company! We should go on a trip sometime again guys. :)

Chia Yong's B'day cum Beach BBQ in PD!

Makan. The whiskey sausages tasted good. XD

Time to spinnnnnnnnnnnnn.

Kee Soon goes down.

I wonder why Kee Soon fell. XDXD

SS's turn to spinnnn. XD

Me and eng tau B'day boy.

Alot of various other things happened during July and Aug, including my convo. Just go to my FB photos and look at them if you want to. And next is.. Kim Hian's B'day!!

B'day boy somewhere in Puchong! XD

Tortured by SS. :'(

Group pic! Candid style.

Followed by...
Jocelyn's B'day! After FD 4 in 3D which was goodddd,

Balloons! Haven't touched one in ages. Thus happy face :D

Followed by (phewwww)..

Surprise B'day in advance for HJ and not so suprise B'day for me cum farewell for HJ, Adam, KW and Me. :P Thanks guys!
B'day girl with cream all over her face. XD

Culprit hiding from me.

Group pic with most of Genetics 06/07s!

Another farewell cum B'day (Me and Fong Thim)!! Thanks guys!
B'day girl in need of beauty sleep. :P

Group pic again!

KL skyline :D

And... finally, the final farewell. Me, HJ and KW left the night itself. Adam's flight was the week after ours.

Hope to see you guys soon :)

Freezing on the plane.

HJ wondering out the window.

The flight was almost 18 hours. To make things worst, it took us 4 hours to clear immigration, and we stood waiting the entire period. To make things EVEN worst, I hate to generalized, but the Bangladeshis are just impatient. They were just forcing their way through the queue which was already packed. There wasn't enough place to move, but they still shoved. Horrible experience.

To make things EVEN worst then it ALREADY IS.



They were actually behind me, and ended up clearing immigration 15 minutes earlier than me. Real champs. Pshhhhh. Fuckers.

After the horrific experience in Heathrow airport, we left London on a 3 bus ride to Notts.
See here!

Week one in UK was pretty easy, meals were served in halls and all we had to do was attend talks. No biggie.

There wasn't much to do during Academic Week One, just introduction and stuff. So having nothing to do, we went for....

Postgrad's Welcoming Night at Oceana! I'm too lazy to post the pictures up!

Then we went to have a walk where Robbin Hood did his thing in Sherwood Forest, and we got lost, along with 30 other people. XD It was a boooring trip.

That's it for now. This post is getting too long, and I'm getting too tired to edit it. Probably do a part 2 or something.


New horizon.

It has been a while since my last update, and there has been a lot that I have experienced since then. Most of the curious people, or all of you would have known of my break-up and would have read or know what happened between us after that. It has been hard trying to tell people of why I did it, as I sometimes feel that it wasn't fair, but given the same situation, I believe that I would do the same. I'm am sorry.

Much has been going on since my last real update. Did well for my viva voce, completion of my thesis, over with my last semester finals and did well, Bali, Ipoh/Penang, PD, work, and activities after work.

I'll update blog without the monotone when I am certain that no one gets hurt, or when I stop assuming that people would, whichever comes first.



Thanks for the memories.


Malaysia is 180 years backwards.

Tidak logik banding kemenangan Obama

PUTRAJAYA 7 Nov. - Sebarang percubaan untuk membandingkan atau menyamakan kemenangan Presiden kulit hitam pertama Amerika Syarikat (AS), Barack Obama dengan sentimen politik Malaysia bukan sesuatu yang logik dan ia di luar realiti.

Menteri Luar, Datuk Seri Dr. Rais Yatim berkata, beliau hairan dengan tindak tanduk pihak terbabit yang cuba 'tumpang semangkuk' kemenangan Obama agar dapat dikaitkan dengan senario politik negara.

Tegas beliau, hakikatnya banyak sangat perbezaan antara AS dan Malaysia termasuk struktur pentadbirannya yang berbeza.

''Mereka (AS) tidak ada peruntukan yang berkait dengan pelbagai kaum. Politik dan masyarakat kita berbeza dengan negara itu walaupun nilai demokrasi serba sedikit boleh dikaitkan.

''Malah AS sudah menjadi negara bebas sejak tahun 1777 sedangkan kita, 1957," katanya kepada Utusan Malaysia di sini hari ini.

Beliau mengulas kolum Bisik-Bisik Awang Selamat Utusan Malaysia hari ini yang tidak selesa dengan analisis tertentu mengaitkan pemilihan Obama yang juga warga kulit hitam pertama sebagai Presiden AS dengan politik Malaysia.

Menurut kolum itu, sudah kedengaran suara pemimpin bukan Melayu yang mahukan bukan Melayu diberi peluang menjadi Perdana Menteri.

Semalam, Presiden MCA, Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat berkata, sudah sampai masanya bagi rakyat Malaysia membebaskan diri mereka dari belenggu isu perkauman.

Dengan mengambil Obama sebagai contoh, Tee Keat berkata: ''Sedihnya di Malaysia, kita masih berbalah dalam soal remeh berhubung pelantikan seorang wanita Cina sebagai Pemangku Pengurus Besar Perbadanan Kemajuan Negeri Selangor (PKNS)."

Tindakan kerajaan negeri Selangor yang diterajui Pakatan Rakyat melantik Low Siew Moi sebagai Pemangku Pengurus Besar PKNS dipersoalkan banyak pihak kerana dikatakan tidak memenuhi aspirasi penubuhan PKNS bagi membantu meningkatkan sosial dan ekonomi bumiputera.

A forummer said :"Of course illogical. Malaysia have racist in BN. Malaysia is 180 years backwards."

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